Cybercrime / Internet Crime Charges

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The information age has ushered in a new area of crime called internet crimes or “Cybercrime.” Since there are no political or state boundaries on the internet, crimes committed in cyberspace are not necessarily limited to a single state or region of the country. Internet crime can include crimes to property and persons such as:

Property crimes:
• Hacking – using one’s programming abilities with malicious intent.
• Cracking – using various programs and programming abilities to gain unauthorized access to a network or computer.
• Virii – the creation and dissemination of harmful computer programs
• Cyber theft – electronic theft

Crimes to persons:
• Pornography/Obscene material – trafficking, distribution and posting of obscene material including indecent exposure and child pornography
• Cyber-Harassment – harassment done through email, chat rooms, or websites
• Cyber Stalking – stalking through use of a computer and the internet

Other areas of cybercrimes include cyber terrorism and piracy of software. More and more resources are being shifted to internet crimes in the department of justice. Internet crimes or cybercrimes are generally considered white collar crimes. Penalties vary for these types of crimes and can include large fines, home confinement, community confinement and imprisonment. Computers are often confiscated and searched. Sometimes the wrong person may be tracked and accused of a crime. Other times there is just not a strong case against the accused. It is important to seek a lawyer who is thoroughly grounded in federal and state procedures regarding internet crimes. Early intervention in internet crime can make all the difference in your case.

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