Writs of Habeas Corpus & Appeals

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Defendants who feel they have been wrongfully convicted of a crime have several options available to them. Writs and appeals and writs of habeas corpus are all measures defendants can take to contest or overturn their conviction.

An appeal is a request to a higher court to review the conviction of the trial court. The defendant may appeal the actual conviction or just the sentencing decision of the trial court. A conviction is difficult to overturn and is usually only done if the trial court made an error of law that was deemed harmful to the defendant. Time is of the essence and notice of appeal must be made quickly after the conviction.

When a defendant is not entitled to an appeal for any number of reasons, a writ is the best course of action. A writ is generally an order from a higher court to a lower court or government official and considered an extraordinary measure. Writs are detailed orders and should be filed only by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Another type of writ protects those that feel they have been wrongfully imprisoned or want to contest the conditions of their imprisonment. The writ of habeas corpus allows the imprisoned to seek help from the appellate courts to set them free. The writ of habeas corpus protects citizens from being imprisoned for long periods of time unjustly.

Time is of the essence concerning writs and appeals. Notice must be made quickly after a conviction that the defendant intends to appeal. Time limitations also apply to writs. Although a notice does not need to be filed, the writ needs to be filed shortly after the defendant feels they have been wronged.

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