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The Law Office of Jorge G. Aristotelidis is dedicated to defending the difficult cases in criminal law. If you are facing charges, experienced counsel can make all the difference in your case. The Law Office of Jorge G. Aristotelidis is committed to providing our clients with a well prepared, dedicated and committed defense. Contact our office today to discuss your case.

Board Certified Criminal Defense Trial, Appellate and Post-Conviction Lawyer

Practicing in all of Texas and in any other state over 30 years, Jorge Aristotelidis is an experienced, dedicated and board-certified criminal defense specialist. Based in San Antonio Texas, he handles difficult criminal cases all over Texas and The United States of America. If you are facing criminal charges you need this experienced representation. Jorge handles cases at both the trial and appellate, level, in state and federal courts.

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Federal & State Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a Federal or State crime it is important to seek skilled, experienced counsel right away. These charges can often be reduced or even dismissed with the help of a criminal defense lawyer experienced in handling these types of cases. We also handle the very technical aspects of writing and filing writs and appeals. We will research your case and provide a competent and well detailed writ or appeal. The law office of Jorge Aristotelidis is skilled in defending crimes of the internet or cybercrime. We will look at all the evidence and build a strong defense for your charges. We look at all areas of the law to ensure that you rights and freedom are protected.

Jorge has represented clients faced with federal charges in Texas and elsewhere, nationally, at both the trial level and on appeal.


He is also one of the first lawyers in the country to pioneer the field of “crimmigration,” which involves defending non-citizens against criminal charges, while ensuring that any criminal resolution also minimizes the chances of their deportation from this country, following the United States Supreme Court’s publication of Padilla v. Kentucky in 2010. Jorge designs the defense of a criminal case before conviction, and for those already suffering from convictions, presenting post-conviction remedies that also reduce the likelihood of their deportation.

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Our office is centrally located in downtown San Antonio, near the federal and state courthouses, and border the Riverwalk. The law office of Jorge Aristotelidis accepts cases at the state and federal level from anywhere in Texas as well as federal cases from anywhere in the nation. If you need a lawyer with the know-how and skill to handle a difficult criminal case call or email the law office of Jorge Aristotelidis today.

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